InspiredHope TV – Miguel’s Story

Hear the story of a man who’s heart is made new in Christ as he learns to put everything in God’s hands…even his life. Check out the latest episode on InspiredHope.TV.  We pray this story blesses you and you know that God has a plan for your life.


I loved video games growing up. We played Atari games like Pac man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong – those games were really neat! Today’s games are so advanced! I play the Wii U with my son and I die all the time, and my kids get a kick out of it. The great thing about video

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Answered Prayers

We make all kinds of requests to God, and are not sure if they will be answered. If you ask God for something and the request is wrong, He says NO.  If you ask God and the timing is wrong, He says SLOW.  If you ask God and you are not ready, He says GROW. 

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